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International and national reports on corruption
Survey on corruption in Media Rwanda by Transparency International Rwanda 2015 Rwanda Bribery Index 2015 Analysis of the causes of financial and non-financial weaknesses identified in the Auditor General’s Reports of decentralized entities for the financial year ended 30 June 2014 Professionalism of Rwandan Courts : Observation report Situational analysis of professionalism and accountability of courts for a sound rule of law in (...)  Read More
Corruption convicts database.
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Report corruption
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corruption convicts 2013, 2014,2015
2013 2ND QUARTER OF 2013 3RD QUARTER OF 2013 4TH QUARTER OF 2013 2014 First quarter Second quarter Third quarter Fourth quarter 2015 First quarter 2015 Second quarter 2015 Third quarter 2015  Read More
Report Anti Corruption Clubs and Cyber Cafes
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Corruption convicts 2015
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How denounce corruption
Fighting corruption is everyone’s responsibility. If you want to report corruption practice,below there are various ways to report corruption to the Office of the Ombudsman. You can do it anonymously or mentioning your name . How to report corruption? 1. You can use this website, Click here 2. You can call our hotline 199 ( free for TIGO na MTN line), 3. You can report via email ombudsinfo@ombudsman.gov.rw 3. You can use PO BOX 6269 (...)  Read More
Corruption convicts 3rd quarter 2016
Click here for the list of corruption convicts 1ST QUARTER 0F 2016-2017  Read More