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THE Office of the Ombudsman in 2014 Rwanda International Trade Fair
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The Office of the Ombudsman of Rwanda is attending for the first time in Rwanda International trade fair which is taking place at Gikondo Expo Ground. The Rwanda International Trade Fair 2014 has been organized by the Private Sector Federation in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and it attracted 329 exhibitors from fifteen countries including 78 foreign companies.

Minister of Trade and Industry visiting the stand of the Office of the Ombudsman

The office of the ombudsman is attending Rwanda International Trade Fair in order to raise awareness on the evilness of corruption and injustice and to call upon Rwandan citizens to report corruption. The staff of the Office of the Ombudsman are also receiving injustice complaints.

The sectors being represented in this year’s expo include Telecommunication and IT, Agricultural equipment, machinery, Construction & Housing, Textiles, clothing & garments, Cultural & tourism items, Handcraft products, Furniture, Foods & beverages among others.

The 2014 Rwanda International Trade Fair brings together exhibitors from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Iran, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Poland. It is expected to run until August 6, 2014.


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