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Declaration of Assets Unit
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In accordance with the Law n° 25/2003 of 15/08/2003 as modified and complemented by the Law n°17/2005 of 18/08/2005 establishing the organization and functioning of the Office of the Ombudsman in its article 3-4°, which provides the attributions of the Office of the Ombudsman, in which it has an attribution of receiving annually, the faithful declaration of assets from the Senior Officials in different government institutions and other Civil Servants as provided by the law.

The first faithful declaration of assets of persons mentioned in Article 3-4° of Law n°17/2005 of 18/08/2005, soon after taking up office, shall be submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman within a period of one month after beginning such duties.

The faithful declaration of assets by persons mentioned in Article 3-4° of Law n°17/2005 of 18/08/2005 shall be submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman not later than 30th June of every year, and when they leave their office, in a period not exceeding fifteen (15) days.

The Declaration of Assets Unit is responsible for the implementation of this activity.

 Persons supposed to declare their assets.

- The President of the Republic,

- The President of Senate,

- The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies,

- The President of the Supreme Court,

- The Prime Minister,

- Members of Cabinet,

- Senators and Deputies,

- Generals and high ranking officers of the Rwanda Defence Forces,

- Commissioners and high ranking officers of the National Police,

- Leaders of the National Security Service,

- Governors of provinces and the Mayor of the Kigali City,

- Mayors of Districts;

- Career Judges, Career Prosecutors and Judicial Police Officers,

- those in charge of receiving, managing and controlling the public finance and property, those responsible for public tenders in central administration, commissions, and specialised public institutions, local administration parastatals, public institutions with private management, institutions in which the government holds shares, state-owned projects and officials of those institutions,

- those in charge of taxes and revenues,

- Advisors
- Director of Cabinet in the President’s Office,

- Director Generals,

- Head of services,

- The Secretary General

- Director of Cabinet in the Office of the Prime Minister,

- Purchasing personnel and Storekeepers,

- Ambassadors,

- State Attorney,

- Public Notary,

- Chief Ombudsman, Deputy Ombudsman, Permanent Secretary and the Staff of the Office of the Ombudsman in charge of preventing and fighting injustice and corruption,
- Government Bailiffs.

 How verification activity is conducted

After receiving the declared assets from persons obliged by the law, the Declaration of Assets Unit examines what has been declared in order to find out if they were regally obtained.

Declarers whom it is found out that they have provided wrong information about their declared assets are handed over to National Public Prosecution Authority.