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Students of Human rights to study from the Office of The Ombudsman
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Wednesday- 28th February 2018
Today, Students from the HRC (Human Rights Center), under AJPRODHO - JIJUKIRWA have done a one day study tour at The Office of The Ombudsman with the aim of learning the role of the Office in Preventing and fighting injustice and corruption by also promoting Human rights in Rwanda.
During this study tour, the team learnt a lot concerning the Office of The Ombudsman since it’s beginning till today.

BUSINGE Anthony, the Executive Secretary of AJPRODHO - JIJUKIRWA, also the team leader, appreciated the Services of The Office of The Ombudsman and it’s role in promoting the Human rights generally but also especially to the youth.

Mr. Karake AFRIQUE , the acting Director of Preventing and Fighting Injustice Unit handed out all needed information during the presentation to the team.

Mrs. MWISENEZA Jeanne d’Arc , The Director of Assets Declaration Unit and the Acting Permanent Secretary thanked AJPRODHO - JIJUKIRWA for the ceaseless work in educating the youth in diverse subjects, especially in the laws and principals of Human rights.



After having received all intended information, students who stamp their role of Human rights activists, appreciated the time spent at the Office of The Ombudsman and vowed to promote the anti corruption and Anti-injustice values.