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The Office committed to solving the backlog issue
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The Ombudsman, Deputy Ombudsman and the Permanent secretary

One of the big task of the Office of the Ombudsman is to review the courts decisions taken judges once demanded by one of the opponent asking for a review.

Due to this uniqueness of the service offered only by the Office of The Ombudsman; many losers of the cases are bringing a lot of dossiers demanding the review of the courts decisions.

Annual report has been showing the increase of the backlog dossiers demanding the review but since the beginning of this year the Ombudsman vowed to remarkably reduce the backlog in the Court Judgement Review Unit by the end of 2018.
One of the strategy for this big task was the set up of group team work with other personnel from Minijust lawyers.

The data shows that this strategy is being productive as the well done dossiers number was doubled per each analyst.

The Ombudsman with the team