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The Staff Celebrated the International Labor day
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Tuesday 01st May 2018, It is the International Labor Day and Rwanda joined the international community in celebrating this day. At The Office of The Ombudsman was the Opportunity of sharing the meal, ideas and encouragement thoughts. During this celebration of the International Labor day, The Chief Ombudsman awarded the best performer of the staff in 2016-2017 Financial year. He also awarded the best service deliverer at The Office of The Ombudsman. Both MUHIMPUNDU Assoumpta who was awarded as the Best Performer and Chantal NIYONSENGA who was selected as the Best Service deliverer thanked the encouragement by the Office.
Delivering his speech, The Ombudsman, Anastase Murekezi thanked the staff for their ceaseless courage shown up along the year full of tiresome work. He said:’’ Few months that we have been together, I noticed your hard work and I congratulate all of you. Yet once a performer, you need to always perform and I believe that during the next year labor day celebration we will have done much more relating to what we performed this year’’.
The Ombudsman concluded by asking the staff to add more efforts in terms of production for the rapid development.