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" Your institution is unique, you are inspiring Africa" Mr Wada Maman, Secretary General of Ti-Niger
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On 24th February 2015, A delegation from Niger comprised of the members of the Niger high authority in charge of fighting corruption and related offences as well as "the members of association Nigerienne de lutte contre la corruption (ANLC-a Transparency International chapter in Niger) visited the Office of the Ombudsman.

The purpose of the 6 day study tour was to learn from the Rwandan experience as a country which has been performing successfully in the fight against corruption and promotion of good governance.

The Deputy Ombudsman in charge of preventing and fighting corruption and other related offences explained to the delegation the anti corruption experience of the office of the Ombudsman and he mentioned that the secret behind the success of the fight against corruption is the political will. " Without political will, laws and institutions can’t be effective in the fight against corruption" said Deputy Ombudsman

" Your institution is unique, you are inspiring Africa" Wada Maman reacting on the presentation made by the Office of the Ombudsman

The delegationi which was hosted by Transparency International Rwanda is in Rwanda from 23rd to 28th February 2015 on the initiative of ANLC- a Transparency International chapter in Niger