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Declaration of Assets Unit
In accordance with the Law n° 25/2003 of 15/08/2003 as modified and complemented by the Law n°17/2005 of 18/08/2005 establishing the organization and functioning of the Office of the Ombudsman in its article 3-4°, which provides the attributions of the Office of the Ombudsman, in which it has an attribution of receiving annually, the faithful declaration of assets from the Senior Officials in different government institutions and other Civil (...)  Read More
Administration and Finance Unit
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Preventing and Fighting Injustice Unit
The unit in charge of preventing injustice, corruption and other related offences has the following functions as stipulated in the article 11 of the Law establishing the organization and functioning of the Office of the Ombudsman. To prepare training sessions for the population so that they develop the culture of playing a role in the good governance of the country; To prepare seminars for Government employees and staff in public and (...)  Read More
Corruption Prevention Unit
Corruption Prevention Unit (CPU) 1. Duties and responsibilities • Receiving and analyzing received information on corruption; • Carrying out investigation on cases of corruption; • Sensitizing the citizens on preventing, rejecting and fighting corruption; • Reviewing systems of different institutions and assessing the implementation of government projects and programs. 2. Legal instruments useful in preventing and fighting corruption • The (...)  Read More
Monitoring of Interdictions and Incompatibilities of Senior Officials
To Monitor the implementation of leadership code of conduct To verify the existence of the code of conduct in the public institutions and parastatals; To analyse the content and implementation of the code of conduct; To carry out investigation on the incompatibilities and interdictions of leaders; To verify the withdrawal and delegation of the management of incompatible activities prior to the nomination of the officials; To (...)  Read More
Special Investigation on Corruption Unit
Attributions of the Unit Special Investigation on Corruption Unit has the following attributions: Carrying out preliminary investigations on cases proposed by the high authorities or the Chief Ombudsman himself; Fighting against economic or financial crimes such as smuggling, illegal fund transfer, falsified bank accounts, government fund embezzlement, and procedure trespassing on public tender, and corruption, money laundering and other (...)  Read More
Court Judgement Review Unit
Based on the article 15 of the law nº 76/2013 of 11/09/2013 determining the mision,powers,organisation and functionning of the Office of the Ombusdman stipulates that : “In the interest of the justice, the Office shall have powers to request the Supreme Court to reconsider and review judgements rendered at the last instance by ordinary courts, commercial and Military courts, if there is any persistance of injustice. The reconsideration and (...)  Read More