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Special Investigation on Corruption Unit
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Attributions of the Unit

Special Investigation on Corruption Unit has the following attributions:

  • Carrying out preliminary investigations on cases proposed by the high authorities or the Chief Ombudsman himself;
  • Fighting against economic or financial crimes such as smuggling, illegal fund transfer, falsified bank accounts, government fund embezzlement, and procedure trespassing on public tender, and corruption, money laundering and other organized crimes;
  • Receiving and analyzing the information related to reported corruption cases either from individuals or institutions.

It is vital to note that the Law N°47/2008 of 09/09/2008 on prevention and penalizing the crime of money laundering and financing terrorism (Official gazette of the Republic of Rwanda n o 12bis of 23 March 2009) especially in its article 20 establishes the Financial Investigation Unit which will deal with the money laundering.