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How denounce corruption
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Fighting corruption is everyone’s responsibility.

If you want to report corruption practice,below there are various ways to report corruption to the Office of the Ombudsman. You can do it anonymously or mentioning your name .

How to report corruption?

1. You can use this website, Click here

2. You can call our hotline 199 ( free for TIGO na MTN line),
3. you can send an sms for free to 1990 ( this line receives only sms)
4. For Gender Based Corruption you can call 07788432516;
5. You can send an email to rwanyaruswa@ombudsman.gov.rw;

6. You can use PO BOX 6269
7. You can bring a letter to the Office of the Ombudsman, KImihurura-Kigali
8.You can use our twitter account: @rwandaombudsman
9. You can use our Facebook account : Office of the Ombudsman of Rwanda