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Monitoring of Interdictions and Incompatibilities of Senior Officials
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- To Monitor the implementation of leadership code of conduct

- To verify the existence of the code of conduct in the public institutions and parastatals;

- To analyse the content and implementation of the code of conduct;

- To carry out investigation on the incompatibilities and interdictions of leaders;

- To verify the withdrawal and delegation of the management of incompatible activities prior to the nomination of the officials;

- To suggest and follow up the application of the sanctions

Leaders governed by this Organic Law

-  The high ranking leaders : President of the Republic, President of the Senate, Speaker of the Chamber of the Deputies, President of the Supreme court and the Prime Minister;

-  Senior officials: Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State, Members of Parliament, Judges of the Supreme Court and other appointed by a Presidential Order as well as those appointed by a Prime Minister’s Order to the level of Director General and those falling in the same job classification level .

Main provisions of this Organic Law

-  Qualities of leaders;

-  Conduct and prohibited acts;

-  Incompatibilities in relations to work;

-  Declaration of property;

-  Administrative sanctions;

Kajanga Jean Aimé
Director of the Monitoring of Interdictions and Incompatibilities of Senior Officials Unit.
Email: aime.kajangana@ombudsman.gov.rw