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The delegation from the Republic of Mali to learn from Rwanda through The Office of the Ombudsman
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The delegation standing with Ombudsmen

The delegation from the Republic of Mali is on a study visit to Rwanda, specifically to the Office of the Ombudsman from Friday 22nd until Thursday 28th September 2017.
This delegation is conducting this study tour within the Office of the Ombudsman and within other institutions that work hand in hand with the Office of the Ombudsman.

During the meeting

This high level delegation is composed by
MOUMOUNI GUINDO, President of Office central de lute contre l’enrichissement illicite a Bamako
Mr Abdoulaye SOW, representative of Supreme court of Mali
Mr. Djibril Kane, OCLEI Member
Mr. Mohamed Ali Awaissoun, Commissaire divisionnaire de Police judiciaire

MOUMOUNI GUINDO, said that they chose Rwanda to be the country of the study because it is the role model for many countries in the fight against corruption and injustice. ‘’ we know that Rwanda is at the front place of the fight and anyone can find it in diverse reports globally.’’ He added

After having met Hon. Ombudsman, Anastase Murekezi, in his Office and the directors of different units within this Office of the Ombudsman, this delegation has visited other institutions in the country that work in the line of fighting corruption and injustice such as Rwanda Public Procurement Authority, Rwanda National Police, Transparency International, the Auditor General , the National Public Prosecution Authority and they have also visited the Kigali Genocide memorial site at Gisozi for more understanding the reality of the Rwandan history that they always read in papers.

At TI-Rwanda, they met INGABIRE Marie Immaculee, the president of administration council of the Transparency international Rwanda, who explained how the civil society works with public institutions in the fight against corruption and injustice.

After the presentation by the Permanent Secretary of the Office of the Ombudsman

The delegation met Rwanda National Police

During the meeting with the Auditor General of Rwanda

After having met the Prosecutor General

The delegation from Mali Visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial site at Gisozi

the visit to the Transparency Rwanda/ a Civil Society

After meeting Peacemaker MBUNGIRAMIHIGO,
The Executive Secretary of Media High Council

Generally, the delegation got information and clarifications on how Rwanda fights corruption, the declarations of assets, collaboration with different institutions
At the National Public Prosecution Authority, the delegation got information of Asset recovery system,
During his interview, MOUMOUNI GUINDO Stressed that they are happy to be in Rwanda as they have got all they needed from the Office of the ombudsman as well as from other institutions that work hand in hand with this Office. Before taking off,the delegation requested further collaboration between Mali and Rwanda but especially both institutions as they all have a common goal of eradicating corruption, Illicit enrichment and injustice.

The Ombudsman, Hon. Anastase Murekezi with MOUMOUNI GUINDO, le président de l’office central de lutte contre l’enrichissement Illicite au Mali


 + Brief note on a courtesy call of Dr. Ron Adam, ambassador of the state of Israel at the Office of The Ombudsman on March 5, 2020
 + The Office of The Ombudsman has updated the Delegation from Mozambique on the Leadership code of Conduct and anti-corruption measures
 + Members of the Justice Sector have identified Corruption gaps
 + Staff of the Office of The Ombudsman met General Fred IBINGIRA for the discussions on the heroic values of heroes of Rwanda
 + The Office of the Ombudsman discussed its 2018-2019 annual report with The Committee on Political Affairs and Gender in the Parliament of Rwanda.
 + Rwanda has started a campaign week on the Access to Information law
 + Kwibuka 26
 + Rwanda attended The Anti-corruption conference at ABU DHABI
 + Rwanda to host the 4th Anti-Corruption Awards summit
 + #Kwibuka25: The Office of the Ombudsman Joined other Justice sector Institutions in commemorating the Victims of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi
 + The Sweden Ambassador paid a courtesy visit to the Office of The Ombudsman
 + Video:Justice Caravan in 5 Districts
 + Umuganda of July 2018: The Office joined Nyabihu Citizens
 + 11th July, Rwanda along with Africa is celebrating Africa Anti-corruption Day for the First time
 + The Office of The Ombudsman has signed the Memorandum of understanding with Transparency International- Rwanda Chapter
 + The Office of the Ombudsman in an Anti-Injustice campaign week in Ruhango District
 + China Global Television Network to cover stories on corruption free Rwanda journey
 + Office of The Ombudsman is in Nyagatare District/ Eastern Province receiving and analyzing Injustice cases on grassroot level
 + The Ombudsman presented to The Parliament the annual report of the year 2016-2017 and the action plan of the year 2017-2018.
 + The Office of the Ombudsman is fighting against corruption through media
 + The Senate of Rwanda has approved Anastase MUREKEZI as the new Ombudsman of Rwanda
 + Comprehend The application for review of final court decisions due to injustice
 + A Delegation from OIF visited the Office of the Ombudsman
 + Office of the Ombudsman to be among other Observers during 2017 Presidential Elections in Rwanda
 + Muhanga: Another suspect was arrested involving in Corruption
 + The Office of the Ombudsman received the Delegation from the Puntland state of Somalia
 + For the 10th time, Rwanda will celebrate the international anti corruption day
 + "Private and public collaboration is necessary so that the fight against corruption can be possible" Ombudsman
 + List of shortlisted and not shortlisted candidates on 2 posts
 + Recruitment at the Office of the Ombudsman (NEW)
 + Rwanda improves the score by 5 and comes among the 5 least corrupt countries in Africa
 + Fighting corruption is not only for government institutions ” Deputy Ombudsman tells Eastern Province partners
 + Privates Sector vows to join hands with the Office of the Ombudsman in the fight against corruption in procurement
 + Deadline to declare to the Office of the Ombudsman
 + Gambian Minister of Justice commended the close relationship of the Office of the Ombudsman with other anti corruption institutions
 + The Office of Ombudsman and partners discussed on ways to improve Courts judgement review process
 + Anti Corruption Initiatives of the Office of the Ombudsman
 + Deadline to declare assets to the Office of the Ombudsman
 + "Before you ask the government what it can do for you, first of all what is your contribution?"said an anti corruption club member in youth anti corruption day
 + " Your institution is unique, you are inspiring Africa" Mr Wada Maman, Secretary General of Ti-Niger
 + Merry Christmass and happy new year
 + THE Office of the Ombudsman in 2014 Rwanda International Trade Fair
 + The Office of the Ombudsman in solving injustice cases in Nyagatare District
 + “ Ndi Umunyarwanda is one of the coping strategies with Rwandan Problems” Prof Dusingizemungu Jean Pierre
 + The African Anti-corruption week was launched in Gisagara District.
 + Heads of Anti-corruption institutions reaffirmed their commitment and cooperation towards the prevention and combating of corruption in the East Africa region.
 + Annual General meeting of EAAACA 4th-5th November 2013
 + The Office of the Ombudsman deployed 35 observers in the parliamentary elections
 + Executive Secretary of Nyamasheke District tried to bribe an official at the Office of the Ombudsman
 + “Rwanda is the least corrupt country in Africa” Global corruption barometer 2013
 + EAC delegates say corruption impeding regional integration
 + New Deputy Ombudsman Mr. Musangabatware Clément sworn in
 + The staff of the Office of the Ombudsman were trained on service delivery
 + The staff of the office of the ombudsman to participate in volunteerism policy
 + Lesotho delegation visited the office of the ombudsman.